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Scott and Victoria Phillips
road to home in the woods

There are a variety activities to suit many tastes and moods

Indulge in a good book while lounging in our cozy sun-lit great room overlooking the peaceful woods. Birdwatching in Chesterton, Indiana is easy in this room, as well as laughing at our comical squirrel friends. You might find yourself gently swinging after a pleasant nature hike in our four acre wood. Cozy up in front of the wood burning fireplace with a cup of tea and gourmet dessert. Unwind and relax poolside splashing the day away, or floating on a raft soaking up some sun. You may want to sit in the hot sauna or stargaze in the hot tub on the deck under the oak trees. Need some exercise? Try a workout on the treadmill. Not that much exercise? Try a game of bumper pool. We also have a variety of games or videos available at all times.

About Us

At Home in the Woods Bed and Breakfast in Chesterton, Indiana is where we make our Home your Home.

We are your hosts: Scott and Vicky Phillips

Vicky, my endlessly creative wife, has 20 years experience in the foodservice industry and is currently working for a management company at a local hospital. Her passion is coordinating every facet of theme catered events. Victoria's flair for cooking and decorating make her friends and family feel special! Her love of people and sharing her talent for cooking has brought her to this point.

Scott, my multi-talented soccer-playing husband, has worked as a diesel technician for over 20 years. When he's not working on our dream home, he's spending time with his large family, or we're experiencing our beautiful country by camping, hiking, and canoeing.

Our newest addition is a 3-year-old beagle named Bailey-Jane. She loves to meet new guests, often greeting them at their car ready to jump in if given the chance.  Bailey is often busy runnign through the woods hunting frogs and squirrels!   

Our love of nature and meeting new people made the decision to create At Home In The Woods Bed and Breakfast in Chesterton, Indiana the perfect choice!

We are committed to serving your every need and making your stay with us the most extraordinary, peaceful, and memorable time you've ever had! Just call At Home in the Woods Bed and Breakfast in Chesterton, Indiana (219) 728-1325

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snow road to at home in the woods

At Home in the Woods Bed and Breakfast in Chesterton, Indiana is eco-friendly.

  • Linens and laundry are all line-dried year round
  • We have 2 Tankless Hot water heaters, no wasted energy heating water when not needed
  • All food waste is composted in addition to yard waste
  • Our gardens provide fresh cutting flowers and herbs.
  • Rain barrels provide water for container gardens
  • We recycle all glass, paper, plastic and aluminum
a deer